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4 Tips For Increasing Your Running Speed

When it comes to running, this exercise can be addictive. Most avid runners will simply tell you there is nothing like a good run to reach an all-natural high. If you want to get more involved in this exercise, you may be interested in ways to help you increase running speed. Knowing specific tips that will work to increase your speed are ideal for you to know.

Tip #1: Try Interval Training

One effective way to help you get into the best shape possible and increase your running speed is by completing some interval training. This is the process of alternating the rate at which your run from the lowest level to the highest.

If you're just starting your running journey, you may want to start walking really fast, then running as quickly as possible to increase your speed over a period.

Tip #2: Use Proper Form

Any runner who has reached speed goals in the past will ensure that proper form is the key to doing so. It's important to look forward and keep the upper body tall but also relaxed. Don't forget to make certain your feet are hitting the ground mid-foot for the best form possible.

Tip #3: Count your Steps

It's important to keep track of the steps you run when you're out on the open road. Studies show some of the fastest runners have at least 180-200 steps per minute. Some of the fastest runners are experts when it comes to being able to keep the feet close to the ground while running.

Tip #4:  Use a Jump Rope

If you want to get faster at running, one of the most inexpensive pieces of exercise equipment that can help you do so is a jump rope. By using a jump rope on a regular basis, you can increase the speed at which your feet land on the ground, and this is critical for being a fast runner.

Tip #5:  Work on the Core

Being a fast runner will require you to have a stronger body core than most. This means doing more ab work to eliminate belly fat and strengthen your stomach muscles. Be sure to do several reps of sit-ups per day to help you have the stronger abdomen possible.

Being a fast runner can allow you to get more miles in every time you run. By following the tips listed above, you will have a better chance of increasing your speed with greater ease!