3 Reasons Why Starting A Golf League Could Improve Your Game

Many people view golf as a great way to relax and get a little exercise. If you are an avid golfer, you are likely always on the lookout for ways to improve your game. While it might be tempting for you to try and perfect your backswing alone, golfing in a group could actually be beneficial.

Here are 3 reasons why starting a golf league and taking the opportunity to golf alongside others could improve your game.

1. You will be more relaxed when you golf in a group.

Being tense can have a significant effect on the quality of your golf game. If your muscles are tight, or you are overthinking your swing, you will not have the fluidity required to make an accurate shot. Studies show that laughter can have a positive impact on your body. Laughter reduces the levels of epinephrine, cortisol, dopac, and growth hormone in your blood stream. Each of these hormones has been linked to stress. When you golf in a league setting, your game will improve due to relaxation brought on by socialization.

2. Your knowledge of the game will grow.

Knowing which club to use in certain situations is just one of the things that make a golfer successful. Only through experience can you gain this knowledge, and being able to golf in a group allows you to gather experience more quickly than you would be able to alone. A golf league brings together golfers of all skill levels. This will give you the chance to observe how skilled golfers respond in certain situations. You can then implement this knowledge to take your own game to the next level.

3. You will be able to identify more effective body posture.

Proper posture is the foundation of a good golf swing. While you might believe that you have found a posture that works for you, being exposed to the postures of more successful golfers could allow you to identify areas where you can improve your own posture in the future.

Be sure that you pay close attention to the neutral position of a good golfer’s back or the stiffness of a successful golfer’s wrists. These visual cues will allow you to spot differences between your own posture and the postures of these skilled golfers. You can implement these changes to improve your game in the future.

Starting your own golf league is a fun way to spend time with those who share your interests, and it can be a great way to elevate your own golf game to new levels in the future. For more information, contact a local green like Beaver Creek Golf Course.

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Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) Fishing Tips

There are so many things about stand-up paddle boards (SUP) that make them such unique aquatic vehicles. In particular, anglers of all kinds can use an SUP to venture into fishing grounds that might be otherwise inaccessible via other watercraft.

Angling from a SUP, however, requires a few steps that that aren’t required when you’re fishing from a boat, kayak, or canoe. Here are just a few tips you can use to keep your rods and tackle secure on the deck of your SUP:

Make Everything Float

Few things will ruin an SUP fishing trip like capsizing your craft and watching your tackle plummet to the bottom. The key to avoiding this costly and embarrassing mishap is to make everything aboard your SUP buoyant.

  • Rods: affix a one-liter plastic bottle to the butt-end of your rods with a thick rubber band. To make sure that your bottle lids don’t spring a leak, you can use a strip of packaging tape or duct tape to seal the bottle cap on the bottle.
  • Tackle: To start, you’ll want to consolidate your tackle into a small container (choosing a clear container can make it easier to keep track of your tackle). Next, you will want to ensconce your tackle into a dry bag. It’s important to choose a dry bag that closes as securely as it does easily. To make sure that your dry bag floats, you’ll want to stuff or attach (duct tape is quite effective) a two-liter plastic bottle into or onto the bag.

Strap Everything Down

Now that your SUP fishing gear floats, it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t float away or go overboard when you paddle into turbulent waters.

Bungee cords are an SUP angler’s best friend. Not only are they cheap, but they’re also durable and easy to use.  To secure your tackle and rods, you will want to strap two bungee cords to the front and rear of your SUP.  You can use the rear bungee cords to secure the butt ends of your rods and front bungee cords to secure your tackle and rod tips. Criss-crossing the front bungee cord will allow you to secure your tackle more securely, and spacing your rear bungee cords six to eight inches apart (parallel) will allow you to secure the butt ends of your rods to your SUP’s rails.

If you’ve never experienced the freedom and excitement of fishing from the deck of your SUP, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. These tips can help make your SUP fishing trip more safe and secure.

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