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Potential Benefits Of Carrying A Tactical Flashlight

While not everyone typically carries a flashlight with them, maybe they should. There are a number of benefits to keeping a tactical flashlight handy. 

Lights Up the Dark

One of the more obvious benefits that occur when people buy tactical flashlights is that they have a convenient way to light up any dark areas. Should the power go out, they have a handy light. These flashlights can also be used to light up any dark corners when walking at night to make sure there's nobody hiding there.

Small But Bright

People can buy small led flashlights online that fit easily into a purse. These lights are very bright. In fact, tactical flashlights can be bright enough to temporarily blind someone if they've got their eyes adjusted to the dark. This makes tactical flashlights a potentially useful tool for self-defense. Shine it in an attacker's eyes for a surprise that will give you a bit of extra time to get away from them. The LED tactical flashlights are a better option than traditional incandescent versions of these lights because they don't break as easily and they're more energy efficient, meaning you won't have to change the bulbs and batteries as often.

Acceptable Almost Everywhere

Unlike most other potential self-defense tools, a flashlight can be carried pretty much anywhere. There won't be any problem if it falls out of a purse or pocket. Nobody will be potentially suspicious or alarmed like they would be with a knife or gun. One potential exception is that the versions that have a toothed bezel on the side may not be able to be taken in carry-on luggage when flying. Check them or opt for a version without this serrated edge for plane trips.

Multiple Modes

Tactical flashlights often have multiple modes to make them useful in different situations. These typically include beams of different intensity or brightness levels and a strobe function. The strobe mode is particularly disorienting when used against attackers, whether they are people or animals. Some versions of these flashlights even have an SOS mode to help signal for help if needed, which can come in handy if lost. The bright lights can be seen from quite a distance.

Sturdy and Waterproof

Because these flashlights are designed for military and police use, they're sturdier than the typical flashlight, making them less likely to become damaged if they're dropped or bang into something. This means they aren't likely to be damaged if used to hit someone during an attack to protect yourself. They're also usually waterproof. Check out websites to buy tactical flashlights for your home.