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Things to Consider When Buying a Longboard Online

The longboard is a cousin to the skateboard, longer in style and slightly different in use. While a skateboard is used for mobility and tricks, the longboard is desired by those who want to travel long distances in comfort. You may have seen longboards in stores that sell bicycles, skateboards, and other outdoor equipment and are thinking of getting one for yourself. Shopping online is a great way to explore different brands and various prices. If you want to buy a longboard online, here are some things to consider.

Shipping costs

A longboard is a relatively large purchase which can make shipping somewhat expensive. Choose ground shipping at an average shipment time to reduce costs, or look for websites that sell longboards with free shipping if you buy a style that is over a certain amount of money. Some websites offer free shipping on all their sales regardless of cost, which can save you a lot of money on your longboard purchase.

Returns and exchanges

It's always best to try out a longboard prior to purchasing it to make sure it's wide enough and long enough to fit your body and movements. If you want to strictly shop online or there are no longboard stores near you, you will want to turn to the Internet to make your final purchase. Research the weight, width, and length of every longboard you are interested in so you buy one that best matches you needs. If the longboard you receive ends up not meeting your expectations, you will want to return it or exchange it for one that does. Choose an online seller that offers free or limited returns and exchanges. You will often end up paying the return shipping costs unless there was something wrong with the item you received.

Customer care

Often the best thing about buying a longboard online is the excellent customer service you can receive. If you buy from an online retailer that offers live chat assistance, you can have an associate walk you through the purchasing process, from helping you choose the right board for your activity level to assistance with checkout. Other ways of communicating include email or calling a live representative as well.

Buying a longboard for fun or exercise is a great way to get out and try something new. When you shop online you open your options to a variety of styles, brands, and prices. When shopping online at retailers like Flippin Board Co., compare many longboards together to make sure you buy the one you really want.