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3 Great Bolt Carriers to Consider for Your AR-15

A bolt carrier is an instrumental part for guns. It's what resets the hammer and houses the bolt. You'll often see this part on an AR-15. If you're in the market for this part for one of your guns, the following types are worth considering in particular.

Lightweight Bolt Carriers 

One factor many people fear with the AR-15 is the recoil. Having too much of a recoil can hinder your accuracy, which is not ideal when shooting targets. Fortunately, there is a special bolt carrier that can help you deal with this recoil, which is none other than the lightweight bolt carrier.

These carriers are uniquely lightweight in order to enhance performance capabilities. Equipping your gun with this type of bolt carrier also makes your gun much easier to carry given the significant weight reduction. Having a lightweight bolt carrier on your gun can also drastically improve your cyclic rate. 

Steel Bolt Carriers

If you're not so much concerned with weight, and thus added recoil for your gun, you might want to consider a steel bolt carrier. Steel is one of the most durable materials on the market today. It will hold up for many years and is relatively easy to maintain. Simple cleanings will suffice for keeping these carriers in great condition.

Another factor you might want to consider with a steel bolt carrier is its heat-resistance. No matter how many times you fire your gun, steel bolt carriers will not suffer any damage from excessive heat. Most importantly, steel bolt carriers are one of the most affordable carrier options on the market today.

Titanium Bolt Carriers 

When you have unlimited funds to spend on one of these gun parts, you can't go wrong with titanium. It's probably the strongest material available to the masses. If you're willing to pay a premium price for these, you will get a lot of added benefits.

For example, you never have to worry about your bolt carrier getting damaged or suffering fatigue from heat. Titanium is also a fairly lightweight material compared to steel. When you purchase one of these carriers, you won't have to worry about replacing it any time soon.

AR-15s are incredible guns that come with a lot of important parts. One of the more important being the bolt carrier. If you're looking for the right one for your particular gun, think about specs that will impact your shooting and come up with a realistic budget. Once you've created a realistic budget and you're ready to make a purchase, find a bolt carrier group near you.