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Benefits Of Using Fishing Lures With Barbless Hooks

When you shop for fishing equipment such as fishing lures, there are many significant details to go over. You'll want to buy the right size and style of lures for the fish that you're pursuing; having a wide range of lures in your tackle box will give you the freedom of changing lures based on what types of fish are around. Most fishing lures are equipped with barbed hooks, which are designed to remain in the lips of the fish you catch and prevent them from slipping off the hook. Other hooks are barbless, which may be appealing to you for the following three reasons.

They're More Humane

It's ideal if your hook catches a fish through its lip, but this isn't always the case. Sometimes, the hook can catch the fish deeper inside of its mouth. It can be difficult to remove a traditional barbed hook from inside a fish's mouth without causing damage to the fish. If you're the type of angler who wants to approach the sport as humanely as possible, lures with barbless hooks can be a good choice. They're much easier to remove, which means that you're highly unlikely to cause any sort of serious injury to the fish.

They're Easier To Retrieve From Your Tackle Box

Most anglers keep a large number of fishing lures inside of their tackle boxes, which can often mean that some lures get tangled together. When you're in a hurry to grab a new lure and begin using it, it's frustrating to find that it's entangled with others — often, because the barbs on the hooks have "caught" other lures. This scenario can require you to take a few minutes to untangle the mass of lures. When you choose lures with barbless hooks, you'll find that it's much easier to quickly grab any lure that you need.

They're Safer For You

Following proper safety techniques is important when you fish, but most anglers will eventually get poked with a hook. A common issue can occur when you're removing your lure from a fish's mouth and the fish twitches suddenly — causing the tip of one of the hooks to jab your finger. In such a scenario, you'll be relieved if you're using a lure with a barbless hook. The lack of barbs mean that you can quickly and easily remove the hook from your skin. With a barbed hook, this process can be difficult and painful.