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Tips For Choosing An EDC Pocket Knife

If you've recently decided that you wish to start carrying a folding pocket knife with you wherever you go, you'll soon be appreciating the many conveniences that this device provides. Your first step is to buy a pocket knife, and there's no better place to do so than your local sporting goods and outdoor retailer. When you browse the available knives, you may initially have trouble narrowing down your choices to just one option. Here are some tips that you can use for choosing the right everyday carry (EDC) pocket knife.

Think Of Its Size

It's important to think about the size of pocket knife you want to carry. While a knife with a long blade may be useful for a larger variety of tasks, it's also bigger and bulkier in your pocket. If you expect to primarily use the knife for simple tasks such as opening envelopes, cutting tags off packaged products, and more, a knife that has a shorter blade may be adequate for you.

Don't Get Tempted By Too Many Gadgets

While a lot of people who shop for EDC pocket knives choose to get a simple knife, others purchase something with additional functionality. Some knives come with all sorts of other devices in them, but you should try to only get what you truly need. The more gadgets you get with your knife, the bulkier it becomes — and this can end up being a nuisance when you're carrying the knife with you all day. For example, a small saw might be a fun accessory to have as part of your knife, but the reality is that most people aren't going to need to saw something daily. Remember, a lack of additional gadgets will help to keep your knife slim and thus comfortable to transport in your pocket.

Find One With A Clip

Many pocket knives are equipped with a small clip on the outside of the handle. It's easy to overlook this functionality, but you should avoid doing so. A clip might not seem like a major selling feature, but it's a good feature to have. If you need to retrieve the knife multiple times a day, you don't want to be fumbling in your pockets or purse for it. The clip allows you to easily keep the knife against the lip of your pants pocket or against the inside of your purse so that it's always easy to grab.

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