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3 Tips To Help You Buy The Right Ammo

More and more people are choosing to invest in a firearm for personal protection. Your gun is only as good as the ammunition that you load it with, so selecting the right ammo is critical to the performance of your firearm. It takes more than just matching the caliber of the ammo to the size of your gun to find the right product. Here are three tips that you can use to help ensure you are getting the best ammo for your needs.

1. Know Your Gun's Max Pressure Limit

Different bullets of the same caliber can carry different pressure loads. Bullet manufacturers will sometimes put a little bit of extra gunpowder into each round. You can typically identify these altered rounds by checking for a "+P" designation following the caliber specification on the ammo box. The extra powder in these bullets causes them to generate extra pressure, which helps to push the bullet out of your gun barrel at a higher rate of speed. If your gun isn't rated to handle this additional pressure, you could experience a catastrophic failure.

Always consult your user's manual to determine your gun's max pressure limit. Only use ammo that falls beneath this max limit to ensure your personal safety.

2. Identify Your Intended Use

It can be incredibly helpful to know how you intend to use your ammo before making a purchase. Manufacturers have designed various types of bullets within each caliber rating to meet a wide spectrum of needs. Some of the most common variations include ball-type ammo, hollow-point rounds, and wadcutter rounds. Ball-type ammo is ideal for penetrating barriers, like glass or wood. Hollow point rounds expand upon impact to inflict maximum damage. Wadcutter rounds lack the power of ball-type and hollow points, but their sharp edges create fascinating designs in paper targets.

Knowing how your ammo will be used can help you determine which bullet variety will work best.

3. Choose an Affordable Ammo

You don't have to spend a lot to get quality ammo. In fact, you should choose affordable ammo that allows you to put a lot of rounds through your firearm without breaking the bank.

Sticking with affordable ammo lets you practice with the same type of ammo that you will use for personal defense. Since different bullets tend to behave differently while traveling through the air, practicing with the same bullets you use for your personal defense will help you avoid missing your target when it counts most.

Visit a local ammo store to learn more about different ammo types, including 9mm ammo.